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Early July 12th, my father called me up, I still have a fever, I don't quarrel, obediently climb down from the bed. Dad and I are simple to clean up the luggage, we set out The North Face Outlet . In the car I knew a little sister, her name is small static, we both play can be happy, then I met a friend, his name is Ya Ya, we play together. By 3 p.m. we finally see the sea. We stood in the golden beach, overlooking the sea horizon, give me infinite power, still have a kind of unspeakable beauty, I kept shouting: "you are too spectacular North Face Jackets sea"! "The sea you are very beautiful"! I and the children playing on the sea, a pile of sand. We in the waves run, I feel the sand is soft, the waves are cool, we're having fun, all of a sudden the sky is dark, heavy rain down, our clothes are all wet, we went to the store to shelter from the rain, my father bought me a blanket swathed me up, today we had a really meaningful.

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