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Today, mom and Dad took me to see a fountain. With the light changing, large water column intermediate like an iceberg, there are many small water column, green like bamboo, red like beating the flames, yellow like a hill, a riot of colours, made me see things in a blur The North Face Online. I think: he is light, for a long time, will not be hot? Mom says: "do not." I don't believe, so, I touched, wow! Cool, not hot, Shuidoujian to face. I think: "touch will be so that drilling, and how it will be?" Hence, I summon up courage to drill, wow! It is like the fairy tale, the scenery of a hazy, I and small partners play in the water, like playing in the water curtain cave. Out of time, I have become "soaked through". Although I am very embarrassed, very funny, but I feel very happy North Face Coats .

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